UNIS Athletics Update: 1/27/2016

As we near the end of January and head into a sports-packed February, UNIS Athletics is back with another round of updates. Read on for news highlights, upcoming game information and competitor analysis. –Duncan Davison, Director of Athletics.

Triple Impact Competitors

According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, a triple-impact competitor makes positive contributions on three levels:

•Making themselves better (personal mastery);

•Making teammates better (leadership);

•Making the sport better (honoring the game).

UNIS Coaches have nominated the following players as triple impact competitors for their contributions over the past two weeks:

James L. – Boys' Varsity Basketball

Fun fact: former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan was said to have a so-called 'love of the game' clause in his NBA contract—a provision that would allow him to play anywhere and at anytime without receiving the permission of his team. The famous phrase came up again recently as Varsity Head Coach Barry Gonzalez attempted to describe James L.'s work ethic over the past two weeks.

"His passion and love of the game are quite evident by his effort and desire to continuously improve," Gonzalez tells us. "He is usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave practice, and has quickly retained the offensive and defensive sets that have been implemented during the season."

At the time of this writing, James and his teammates are busy preparing to host LFNY in one of their remaining league games. We'll have the score for you in the next update!

Janna M. and Alexis 'Lexi' D. – Girls' Middle School Basketball (Queens)

It isn't difficult for Head Coach Nnamdi Olisah to tell whether or not his words are getting through to guard Janna M.: "Her favorite line is 'I got it, coach'," says Olisah. "She displays tremendous mental fortitude and perseverance, which is a great combination."

Also impressive in the recent victory over Stephen Gaynor was Alexis D., whose dynamic leadership was described as being key to the 25-15 win. "She guides her teammates in such a positive direction without having a boastful attitude," beams Olisah.

Christiano de A. – Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball

Assistant Coach Brenton Young showed no hesitation in offering his nomination for this edition of the Athletics Update. "Hands down, our triple impact player has been Christiano," Coach Young said matter-of-factly. "He makes his teammates better, is very positive vocally, and truly gives his all every time he steps out on the court."

Alex P. and Phillippe D. – Boys' Middle School Basketball (White)

"Relentless" is how Head Coach Troy Basso describes the recent play of Alex P. "His hard work is definitely setting a good example for his teammates. I'd also like to highlight Phillippe D., who is usually the first person to arrive at practice. Phillippe is very dedicated and works hard at all times."

Rivka S. and Lyyli S. – Girls' Middle School Basketball

Above the roar of the UNIS faithful fans at a recent home game, middle school athletes Rivka S. and Lyyli S. could be heard offering feedback and encouragement to their teammates on the sideline.

Such positive conduct is not uncommon for this dynamic duo, according to Head Coach Andy Hoffman. "You can often see them talking to their teammates, being positive, and always being ready when their number is called," Hoffman said. "Not only do these players support themselves and their teammates, they also honor the game by never showing up any opponent, showing fantastic sportsmanship at all times, and respecting the process of hard work and practice, which makes our team better."

Siena D. – Girls' Varsity Basketball

In between practices, we caught up with assistant coach Jah-Leah Ellis to get the latest on the standout performer for the girls' varsity team. "I'd like to nominate Sienna," Ellis said. "We most appreciate her consistency—she's always at practice and it shows come game time. She has recently shown a noticeable shift in aggressiveness, as well. I like to think of her as an extension of the coaching staff—exactly what you need in a point guard. She stays in control of the ball better than I've seen a lot of players do, even at the college level. She's just an all around leader."

Coaches Corner

Barry Gonzalez – Head Coach of UNIS Boys' Varsity Basketball

It's a cold Monday night in Manhattan, and a familiar figure holds court on the sideline at UNIS. His hands dictate the tempo, his stance reveals the mood, and his voice blends perfectly with the sound of another play working to perfection. Swish. Indeed, like an expert conductor, he skillfully shapes his ensemble en route to another win—the consequence, naturally, of many weeks of meticulous rehearsal.

In a season filled with highs and lows, Barry Gonzalez has the boys varsity team playing all the right notes.

"The focus of my team has remained consistent from the beginning of the year," Gonzalez reveals. "The core values that make a great team are communication, trust, responsibility, caring, and pride. My points of emphasis are maximum effort, high intensity on defense, and ball movement and player motion on offense."

With just two games remaining in the regular season, and his team looking to improve on a 12-7 record, Gonzalez was reflective when considering the impact of his coaching this season. "As a coach, I want them to experience physical, academic, emotional, and social growth, while improving their self-esteem in the process," he said. "Ideally, this experience has resulted in them becoming better athletes, students, and global citizens."

Now that's what we call being in tune.

Watch this space for another coach profile in the next athletics update!

Out of School Sporting Achievements

In future editions of the Athletics Update, we would like to highlight the numerous student-athletes at UNIS who are participating in sports outside of school. If you are personally involved in out-of-school sport, or know of someone who is, we invite you to let us know by e-mailing the Director of Athletics at: ddavison@unis.org

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Weekend Sports

There are a variety of athletic opportunities for students at UNIS on the weekends. The Weekend Sports Programs for Semester 2 will begin on January 30, 2016, and registration is now open. For detailed information & registration, see http://www.unis.org/page.cfm?p=567 (or visit the UNIS website and click on the "Athletics" tab, followed by "Weekend Sports").

Saturday Junior Basketball Clinics – J3 & J4 Students

The UNIS Basketball Saturday Morning Junior Clinics aim to develop and build upon the skills of shooting, passing dribbling, footwork, and ball handling. In a fun, safe, and engaging environment, our young athletes will also improve motor skills such as running, jumping, and sliding while developing a love and appreciation of the game.

Dates: 1/30, 2/6, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 4/9, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7

Saturday Tut House Basketball Club (Mixed)

The Tut House Basketball Club is open to T1-T4 students. In a relaxed and safe environment, Tut House students will have the opportunity to participate in an intermural type competition with the focus being on healthy fun, skill development an maximum participation. Open to all levels and abilities.

Dates: 1/30, 2/6, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 4/9, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7

Saturday Volleyball Club (Mixed)

The Volleyball Club is open to all M1 – Tut 4 students. In a relaxed and safe environment, Tut House students will have the opportunity to participate in an intermural type competition with the focus being on healthy fun, skill development and maximum participation. Open to all levels and abilities.

Dates: 1/30, 2/6, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 4/9, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7

Sunday Advantage Quick Start Tennis at UNIS (Ages 5-10) *External Registration

Advantage Quick Start is a pathway to tennis skills, confidence, fun- even competition. Designed exclusively boys and girls ages 4 and up, children play with age and size- appropriate racquets on smaller courts using special slow- bouncing balls. Lessons take place at UNIS gym on Sunday mornings and commence Sunday February 7, 2016. Click here to download the information brochure.

For more information and registration details please contact Paul Fontana, Director of Advantage Tennis Quick Start:

Paul Fontana

Director of Advantage Tennis Quick Start

Email: pfontana@advantagetennis clubs.com

Phone: 646.884.9644

Advantage Quick Start Tennis Flyer and Registration Information

Sunday Advanced Tennis Clinics (Mixed)

The Sunday Advanced Tennis Clinics are open to high intermediate/ advanced tennis players (M3 – Tut 4). Students wishing to participate will have at least 2-3 years tennis experience, be able to confidently serve, rally and score. After an initial evaluation session, students are placed in a one- hour time slot (between 8:00am – 3:00pm) with other students according to their abilities at the coach's discretion. Athletes participate in competitive internal scrimmages while receiving specialized instructional coaching.

Dates: 1/31, 2/7, 2/28, 3/6, 3/13, 4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8

Group Assessment Session – January 31st 9-11am

Intermediate Trials: 9am -11am

Advanced Trials: 11am - 1pm

NB: Internal ranked scrimmages commence start February 7th.

Dear M2 - M4 Parents (of Girls!),

Girls On The Run Program

This is a reminder to join a very exciting program "Girls on the Run," which will start in the spring season for Middle School girls (grades M2 - M4). The program was run very successfully in the Junior School over the fall season and had 20 Junior School girls participating. The Girls (and their parents) loved the program. In fact, they had so much fun, that the JS "Girls on the Run" program (J2 - M1) is going again in the Spring season.

A number of MS Girls have already confirmed to sign up, but there are still some places available. The cost of the program is $275. If your daughter [M2 - M4] is interested in being part of the MS "Girls on the Run" program starting the week of March 14, please email Helen Stephan at hlpstephan@gmail.com. Actual registration will open soon. If you have a daughter in M1 who is interested in being a part of the JS "Girls on the Run" spring program, please also email Helen.

Check out the "Girls on the Run website at http://www.girlsontherun.org. For more information about the Heart & Sole Middle School program specifically, view the one page overview.

Upcoming Home Basketball Games

Wednesday January 27

Boys' Middle School (Queens) vs. Mandell (4:30pm tip-off)

Thursday January 28

Girls' Middle School (Queens) vs. Cathedral (4:00pm tip-off)

Boys' Middle School (White) vs. Calhoun (4:15pm tip-off)

Friday January 29

Boys' Junior Varsity vs. LFNY (4:00pm tip-off)

Boys' Varsity vs. LFNY (5:30pm tip-off)

Monday February 1

Boys' Middle School (Blue) vs. Browning School (4:15pm tip-off)

Boys' Middle School (White) vs. Browning School (5:30pm tip-off)

Tuesday February 2

Girls' Middle School vs. St. Hilda's School (4:15pm tip-off)

Wednesday February 3

Girls' Middle School vs. Columbia Prep (4:15pm tip-off)

Girls' Middle School (Queens) vs. Mandell (4:30pm tip-off)

Thursday February 4

Girls' Varsity vs. Calhoun (4:15pm tip-off)

Boys' Varsity vs. Calhoun (5:45pm tip-off)

Friday February 5

Boys' Middle School (Blue) vs. St. Hilda's School (4:15pm tip-off)

Tuesday February 9

Boys' Middle School (White) vs. Heschel (5:00pm tip-off)

Team Results


Girls' Varsity (3-6; 2-5 in NYCAL)

@ Trevor Day, 1/12, 23-44 L;

vs. LFNY, 1/21, 42-39 W

Boys' Varsity (12-7; 7-3 in NYCAL)

@ Trevor Day, 1/13, 81-69 W;

@ Lawrence Woodmere, 1/14, 70-94 L;

vs. Martin Luther High School, 1/20, 84-86 L;

vs. Columbia Prep, 1/22, 81-72 W;

vs. Loyola School, 1/25, 74-66 W

vs. Trevor Day, 1/26, 70-58 W

Girls' Junior Varsity (3-5; 1-3 in NYCAL)

@ Dalton School, 1/13, 4-43 L;

Boys' Junior Varsity (9-6; 5-5 in NYCAL)

@ Trevor Day School, 1/13, 22-51 L;

@ Friends Seminary, 1/15, 43-40 W;

vs. Columbia Prep, 1/19, 44-62 L;

vs. Martin Luther High School, 1/20, 62-50 W;

vs. Loyola School, 1/25, 60-38 W

Girls' Middle School (1-8; 1-6 in NYCAL)

@ Trevor Day School, 1/14, 32-39 L;

@ St. Hilda's School, 1/15, 20-43 L;

@ Little Red Elizabeth Irwin, 1/19, 27-28 L;

vs. LFNY, 1/21, 16-19 L

Boys' Middle School (Blue) (1-9; 0-6 in NYCAL)

@ Calhoun, 1/12, 34-36 L;

@ Saint David's School, 1/19, 30-53 L

Boys' Middle School (White) (1-6, 0-4 in AIPSL)

@ Cathedral School, 1/12, 7-31 L;

vs. Friends Seminary, 1/13, 26-39