Award Winning Author Rebecca Stead Visits With UNIS Students

Recently, the UNIS Library hosted Newbery Award winner and beloved author Rebecca Stead. She is the author of When You Reach Me, Goodbye Stranger, Liar and Spy, First Light. At an Author's luncheon in the Library Conference Room, Ms. Stead enthusiastically spoke with a cross-section of M1s and M2s, including members of the MS Creative Writing Club and the M1/M2 Book Club which had read Goodbye Stranger last winter. She also signed books and there has been an enthusiastic rush to read all four of her titles.

In the afternoon, Ms. Stead compassionately and honestly discussed her creative process with all M1 and M2 classes, emphasizing that you should not wait to be discovered or receive "the Hogwarts letter" that gives you "permission" to become a writer. Give yourself permission -- start, make mistakes, and hone your ideas.

The one essential rule for writing, according to Stead is: B.I.C.: "Butt In Chair." Writing takes time, patience, and much rewriting, but if you devote these efforts, who knows what you could create? Her words have inspired MS students (and teachers) to deepen and share our love of literature.

Special thanks to Ms. Danielle Lewis for her contributions to this piece.