For Juniors and Seniors, College Gets Personal at UNIS

It's a time most high school graduates across the world are viscerally familiar with: Those winter months, just weeks before the culmination of senior year. It's college application time. With most deadlines hitting between November and February, seniors and their families everywhere have spent hours learning the ropes of college essays, the Common Application process, and extracurricular programs that make any submission shine. As many of us can remember, it's an arduous affair.

UNIS students, however, have one leg up on their peers: access to the College Office. The mighty team on the fourth floor, led by the astute and experienced Marge Nieuwenhuis (Director of College Counseling), offers a plethora of resources, advice, and tips for not only navigating the often-convoluted admissions process, but also guidance for determining a suitable path for each student, regardless of their college choices.

Watch the video above for an inside look at UNIS' College Office.