December Athletics Update Part II

Triple Impact Competitors

According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, a triple-impact competitor makes positive contributions on three levels:
•Making themselves better (personal mastery);
•Making teammates better (leadership);
•Making the sport better (honoring the game).

UNIS Coaches have nominated the following players as triple impact competitors for their contributions over the past two weeks:

Preston G. – Boys' Varsity Basketball

According to Head Coach Barry Gonzalez, "Preston consistently performs at a high level in all aspects of the game. His versatility reduces pressure on our other players, allowing them to perform better. Most importantly, he has not missed a practice or game, and I think his dedication is deserving of recognition."

Frederick F. and Abdullah T. – Boys' Middle School (White) Basketball

Reflecting on the season so far, Head Coach Troy Basso says, "Our guys are really trying but the results aren't in the win column just yet. However, two student athletes that stand out so far are Frederick and Abdullah. Their positive attitude and hard work is a great example for the rest of the team."

Other UNIS student-athletes nominated include: Khaella F., Sofia E., Prajna N., and Anouk M..

Team Feature

UNIS Girls' Middle School Basketball

Head Coach: Andrew Hoffman
Assistant Coaches: Gina Voskov & Cassin Dentice

One of the key values informing all coaching practice at UNIS is the idea of 'double-goal' coaching - a philosophy emphasizing success in life in tandem with success on the court.

Such is the approach demonstrated by the coaching staff of the UNIS' Girls Middle School Basketball team, Andrew Hoffman, Gina Voskov and Cassin Dentice. Five weeks into the season, Hoffman reflected on his team's developing team culture. "At the core of our foundation is Duke University's philosophy of 'the fist', Hoffman reveals. "This means that we are stronger when we are five players together on the court rather then each player playing by herself. We are using five core philosophies that represent each finger on a hand: Communication, trust, collective responsibility, care, and pride. With these philosophies in place, our players have a structure and understanding of what the coaching staff expects from them."

The motivated middle school student athletes opened their campaign with a tough 12-36 loss at home to Grace Church School, before rebounding to take a dramatic two-point road victory over rivals Lycee Francais de New York (LFNY). Losses to Columbia Prep and Trevor Day dropped the team to 1-3, and with four consecutive away games on the schedule to start 2016, Hoffman knows that his players must band together like never before.

"Any team can say a goal is to win a championship, but understanding what needs to go into winning a championship is the most important part," he says. "We want our players to develop positive habits, learn to trust each other, constantly communicate, learn how to work together, trust the system, support each other, but most importantly, have fun. If we can accomplish those things, we can achieve anything this season."

Coaches Corner

Nnamdi Olisah – Head Coach of UNIS Girls' Middle School Basketball (Queens)

His players know him as 'Coach O', a simple moniker for a coach with a simple philosophy. "When it comes to coaching, I want my players to focus on the fundamentals," says Olisah, Head Coach of the UNIS Girls' Middle School Basketball team at the school's Queens campus. Possessing a strong passion for the game and an upbeat personality, Olisah believes that a solid understanding of the basics is essential for his team's success. "Once we build a strong foundation, we can then develop seamlessly as a team," he explains. "This foundation is supported by my values: Teamwork and communication. I try to encourage an atmosphere promoting togetherness and an open dialogue between the players and myself. In turn, this helps us develop a sense of purpose."

Coach Olisah recently graduated from St. John's University where he received a Master's degree in Sports Management. At the time of this writing, his team is on the eve of their first challenge of the season – a road game against Heschel School.

Outstanding Athletic Accomplishments by UNIS Students

Girls on the Run Program

This Fall, the inaugural Girls on the Run program at UNIS ran for J3-M1 girls. The program consisted of 20 lessons during a 10-week season with a team of 20, all lead by Girls on the Run trained coaches. It is an amazing non-profit positive youth development program that teaches girls important social, psychological and physical skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games.

The curriculum includes three parts: Personal understanding, valuing relationships and teamwork, and understanding how everyone connects with and shapes the world at large. Running is used to inspire and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment. At each season's conclusion, the girls and their running buddies complete a 5k running event, which gives them a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals. The fall session of Girls on the Run celebratory 5k was held on Randall's Island on December 6th.

The program will run again at UNIS in the spring for elementary and middle school girls, starting in mid-March and concluding in mid June. Registration for the spring session opens in mid-January.For more information on the program, visit For more information about the program at UNIS, contanct Helen Stephan

Nayesha K. - Swimming

It's been a great short-course (scy) season for middle school student Nayesha K. At the NYSA championship meet on December 5-6, she qualified for finals in six events and placed first in the 100 fly and 50 fly for her age group. In the 50 fly, she made the Junior Olympic cuts. She also placed fourth in the 100 backstroke, and 200 breaststroke, which she swam for the first time.
Nayesha also qualified in three events for the fastest meet on the East Coast—the NCAP Invitational 2015—which took place at the University of Maryland, December 3-10. She posted best times in her events and made the East Zone and Junior Olympic cuts in the 50 breaststroke. As a result, she will go on the Metro Eastern Zonal Qualifiers in February and Short Course Junior Olympics in March next year.

That's all for now from athletics. I hope you have a restful and peaceful winter break, and looking forward to the return in January.--Duncan Davison, Director of Athletics

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Upcoming Home Basketball Games

Thursday December 17th

Boys' Middle School Basketball (Blue) vs. Columbia Prep (4.15pm tip-off)

Tuesday January 5th

Boys' MS Basketball (Queens) v Highlands School (4pm tip-off)
Girls Varsity Basketball v Loyola (4:15 pm tip-off)
Girls Junior Varsity Basketball v Loyola (4:15 pm tip-off) (Scrimmage)

Thursday January 7th
Boys Varsity Basketball v Grace Church (4:15 pm tip-off)

Monday January 11th
Girls Varsity Basketball v Loyola (4:15 pm tip-off)

Tuesday January 12th
Boys' MS Basketball (Queens) v Kew Forest (4pm tip-off)

Wednesday January 13th
Boys' MS Basketball (White) v Friends (4:15 pm tip-off) TBC

Thursday January 14th
Boys' Middle School Basketball (Blue) vs. Trevor Day (4.15pm tip-off)

Friday January 15th
Girls Varsity Basketball v Leman (4:15 pm tip-off)

Team Results and Standings

Girls' Varsity Basketball (2-3; 1-2 in NYCAL)
vs LFNY, 44-38 W;
vs. Columbia Prep 46-60 L;
vs. Trevor Day School, 56-66 L;
vs Avenues, 36-25 W

Boys' Varsity Basketball (5-4; 2-2 in NYCAL)
vs Avenues, 11/30, 66-47 W;
vs Dwight School, 64-71 L;
vs LFNY 56-57 L;
vs. Browning School, 69-42 W;
vs Loyola, 71-76 L;
vs Dalton, 48-58 L

Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball (1-4; 1-2 in NYCAL)
vs. Avenues, 15-41 L;
vs Packer, 6-57 L;
vs. Calhoun School, 25-43 L;
vs. Columbia Prep, 9-41 L

Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball (6-2; 4-1 in NYCAL)
vs Avenues, 40-30 W;
vs Dwight School, 39-40 L;
vs LFNY, 58-44 W;
vs. Browning School, 49-43 W;
vs. Calhoun School, 30-45 L

Girls' Middle School Basketball (1-3; 1-2 in NYCAL)
vs. Grace Church School 12-36 L;
vs LFNY, 12/07, 22-20 W;
vs Columbia Prep,27-52 L;
vs. Trevor Day School, 24-40 L

Boys' Middle School Basketball (Blue) (1-4; 0-3 in NYCAL)
vs Columbia Prep,15-67 L;
vs Grace Church School40-35 W;
vs Browning School, 8-45 L;
vs St. Hilda's School, 36-40 L

Boys' Middle School Basketball (White) (0-4, 0-3 in AIPSL)
vs. Cathedral School, 8-58 L;
vs. Avenues, 10-54 L;
vs Rodeph Sholom, 8-39 L;
vs Heschel School, 5-44 L