Former Faculty, Staff, Administrators gathered Feb 28
On February 28, 2018, dormer faculty, staff and administrators gathered for the 10th Get-Together at Nomad, an Algerian-Moroccan restaurant in Lower Manhattan. This one was attended by 22 of Former UNIS members, whether retired or leavers, from the Manhattan Campus as well as from Queens.

Arby Muslin and Anne Hy started organising these events when they retired in the summer of 2013, feeling the need to meet their friends and colleagues after having spent so many years together at UNIS. The spirit stays alive and twice a year they have dinner together and have a lot of fun as well as many memories to share.

We realize that there may be other former UNIS Staff, Faculty and Administrators who are not on our mailing list. Should anyone want to contact Anne Hy or Arby Muslin, you may do so at:

Pictured From Left to Right, standing: Anne Hy, Lynn and Richard Kutner, Solange and Joram Warmund, Hillary Ainger, David Evans, Marge Nieuwenhuis, Amelia Rattew, Chris Muller, and Arby Muslin

From Left to Right, sitting in the front: Hal and Chrys Fairchild, Pamela Loveless, Mary Blake, Valerie Bremner, and Angela Hugenschmidt

1/2 row sitting to the Right (behind Mary Blake): Joy Garland, Zeny Muslin, Hatam Anvar, Peter Atkinson, and David Cisek

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