JS Newsletter May 7, 2018

Dear parents,

The wonderful Food and Fun Fair last Saturday brought many of you together to celebrate diversity through the lens of culinary arts. This event would not have been possible without the generosity of many of you who worked hard to share delicacies from your country of origin and without the Parents Association who worked tirelessly to ensure this day would be a successful moment of sharing and joy for everyone. And, thumbs up for our Security and Maintenance teams for always giving their best!

But now, it's time to get ready for what's next! We are looking forward to continuing the tradition of celebrating our readers and writers with a Story Book Parade on the morning of Friday, May 11. Please help your child choose a favorite book character to represent. Come cheer the students on as they parade through the lobby and front of the school. The parade will start at 8:30 and end by 9:15.

We will continue the festivities during the evening of May 11 when our young authors will proudly share their writing with an audience. They worked very hard in crafting their pieces and are ready to proudly share their final published work publicly. They are looking forward to presenting their work to you and the other parents in their class.

  • JA 5:00-5:50
  • J1 and J2 6:00-6:50
  • J3 and J4 7:00-7:50

See you all on Friday for the celebration of our young authors!

Pascal Vallet
Junior School Principal
Susan Scullin
Junior School Assistant Principal

BIG THANK YOU to all JS parent and teacher volunteers who supported a variety of activities at the International Food and Fun Day 2018!!! This event would not have happened without the tireless work of so many put in orgazing and running Outdoor Activities, Children's Market, Arts and Crafts, Tennis Fest, Friends and Family Photo Booth, Dance Stage, White Elephant, International Food Buffet and Raffle! It is a true celebration of all that makes UNIS an incredibly special international community!

Junior School PA

Authors' Reading photos from last year event

We have not yet collected enough feedback on the Student Led Conferences to have enough data to reflect the majority of parent opinions. Please make sure to click on the link below - it will take you only a few minutes!

  • Friday, May 11 –Storybook Parade 8:45-9:30
  • Friday, May 11 –Author Readings: JA 5:00-5:50; J1-J2 6:00-6:50; J3-J4 7:00-7:50
  • Monday, May 14 - Welcome to M1 for J4 Parents 6:00pm MS Lounge (details below)
  • Tuesday, May 15 – J2 Adventure Trip to Bear Mountain
  • Wednesday, May 16 – J3 Adventure Trip to Bear Mountain
  • Monday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 23 – J4 Adventure Camping Trip Ramapo
  • Tuesday, May 22 – JS Parent Coffee 8:30-9:30 Café
  • Friday, May 25 & Monday, May 28 – School Closed – Memorial Day Holiday
  • Friday, June 1 – TH Graduation - 11:45 JS Dismissal before lunch (details below)
  • Monday, June 4 - Final Parent Coffee of the Year (Reflection) 8:30-9:30 Café
  • Tuesday, June 5 – PA General Meeting 6:00pm
  • Tuesday, June 5 – JA Sports Day
  • Wednesday, June 6 – J1 – J4 Sports Day
  • Friday, June 8 - J4 Graduation 8:45am
  • Friday, June 15 – Last Day of JS Classes 11:45 Dismissal

What defines the best in World Literature? 6:00-7:30pm on May 16

As part of the 70th anniversary celebration, the library will host Michael Orthofer, UNIS alumnus (Class of '82) and author of The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction. He will present his thoughts on what we consider to be the best in world literature during a panel discussion with Ida Kummer (French), Monica Torres Álvarez (Spanish), and Kazuo Tsuda (Japanese).

Please come to enjoy the discussion on Wednesday, May 16, from 6:00 to 7:30pm . Light refreshments will be served.

As many of you know we are now in the middle of spring allergy season and many children are suffering from seasonal allergies. In many areas of the United States, spring allergies begin in February and last until the early summer. Mild winter temperatures can cause plants to pollenate early. A rainy spring can also promote rapid plant growth and lead to an increase in mold, causing symptoms to last well into the fall.

Some symptoms of Seasonal Allergies include:

  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Coughing
  • Itching watery eyes
  • Runny nose

Management and Treatment of Seasonal Allergies:
We encourage all parents to speak with their Pediatricians or Allergists to come up with a
management plan which may include oral antihistamines, eye drops, nasal sprays and/or
respiratory medications. A good collaboration with your physician helps ensure that your child
can enjoy the warm weather!

Parents should administer allergy medications at home. Zyrtec (cetirizine), Claritin (loratidine)
and many others, are once a day medications, and therefore should not be brought to school. It also takes a while for the medication to "kick in". When taken in the morning this will help make your child feel better during the school day.

Tips to avoid allergies:

  • Monitor pollen counts
  • Avoid rubbing eyes
  • Wear sunglasses and hats when outdoors
  • Take a shower or bath as soon as you come in from outdoors
  • Keep windows and doors shut

Here are some links to some helpful information regarding seasonal allergies. Please also reach out to your pediatrician or allergist for guidance.

Marisa Rivera, BSN, RN, CPN
Director of School Health and Nursing

This is to remind you that the last days of - the Spring season - after school activities (for respective days of the week) are:

  • Monday activities: May 14th
  • Tuesday activities: May 8th
  • Wednesday activities: May 16th
  • Thursday activities: May 10th (Exception - class cancellation makeup class MAY 17th for JA-J1 CHESS & M1-M4 WRITOPIA)
  • Friday activities: May 11th (Exception - class cancellation makeup class MAY 18th for J2-J3 YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS)

Please note that the Government sponsored German & Swedish classes will be running according to the schedules submitted by their respective teachers.

We are coordinating the 2018-2019 schedules of activities with the Athletics Department. The new programs will be advertised before the end of the academic year. The parents will be invited to register online.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Keiko Tase ( ktase@unis.org ) if you would like your child to go to the Care Program.

I am at your disposal if you have any questions.

Lidana Jalilvand

JS Dismissal at 11:45 on Friday, June 1

Please note that all JS students will be dismissed at 11:45 on Friday, June 1 so that our full faculty may attend the T4 graduation at the United Nations. Classes will NOT have lunch in school that day. You may want to send a heartier snack for your child.

Yellow buses will depart UNIS right after the 11:45 dismissal.

If your child is picked up at school, please ensure that you or your caregiver plans on being at UNIS by 11:45 that day, and note that After Care and After School will NOT be in session.

All JS students are expected to leave school at 11:45. No student supervision is available after that time.

REMINDER: Welcome to M1 for J4 Parents - Monday, May 14 at 6:00

  • What: Welcome to M1 for J4 parents
  • When: Monday, May 14th
  • Time: 6:00pm for nibbles
  • Begins at 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Place: MS Lounge 4th floor
  • Who: M1 Team, counselors and admin, M1 parents panel and M1 student panel

Dear J4 Parents,

As we enter into the final few months of the school year, we will begin the process of orienting you and your children to the UNIS Middle School - the structure, the instructional program, the new opportunities. We are excited to have you and are planning a number of times for you to learn about our division of the school.

We would like to kick off this process by welcoming you to a J4-to-M1 information session on the evening of Monday, May 14th. We will meet in the Middle School Lounge at 6:00pm for a general information session, followed by more extensive presentations and discussions in the M1 classrooms.

We look forward to seeing you at this meeting.

All the best,
MS Administration and M1 Team

Open Music for J1 and J2 Parents
Music Open Classes May 7

  • 12:05-12:45 - J2JH
  • 1:25 - 2:05 - J1JS
Music Open Classes May 8

  • 12:45-1:25 - J2MM
  • 1:25-2:05 - J1LS
  • 2:05-2:45 - J1TT
Music Open Classes May 9

  • 12:05-12:45 - J2MPardey
  • 1:25-2:05 - J1CM
Music Open Classes May 10

  • 12:05 -12:45 - J2EH
  • 12:45-1:25 - J2MPayne
  • 2:05-2:45 - J1GP

Open Music for J3 and J4 Parents

J4 Open Music

  • Wednesday, May 16: 1:25 - 2:05 (J4O) and 2 :05 - 2:45 (J4M)
  • Thursday, May 17: 1:25 - 2:05 (J4Q) and 2:05 - 2:45 (J4C)
  • Friday, May 18: 12:05 - 12:45 (J4F)
J3 Open Music

  • Monday, May 21: J3E - 9:35 and J3M - 10:15
  • Tuesday, May 22: J3S - 9:35 and J3R - 10:15
  • Wednesday, May 23: J3H - 9:35

JS Attendance

To report your child's absence or lateness, please contact your homeroom teacher by email with a copy to jsattendance@unis.org no later than 8:30am each day that your child will be absent. If email is not available to you, you may leave a phone message at 212-584-3113 to let the JS Office know and a note will be sent to the homeroom teacher.

Early Dismissal of JS Students Requires a Pass

If your child will be picked up from school at any time before the 2:55 JS dismissal, please ensure that you or your caregiver obtains an Early Dismissal Pass from the JS Office or your JA teacher. Security will not permit a student to leave the premises before 2:55 without this pass.

Lost and found

Please take the time to write your child's name in all outer garments, lunch boxes and water bottles. Our staff does their best to return misplaced items to their owner, but without a clearly written name, it may not be possible.

Updating Family Contact Info in the Parent Portal

Please review your family profile and contact information to ensure that your phone numbers and email addresses are up to date. All departments at UNIS, including the Nurse, rely on the information that you provide here to contact you. After logging in to the UNIS Parent Portal, you may review and update all of your family contact information by visiting ->My BackPack -> Settings -> My Profile -> Edit.

Caregiver Access to UNIS

To give permission for a new caregiver to enter UNIS to pick up or drop your child, please log in to the UNIS Parent Portal (->My BackPack -> Settings -> My Profile -> Edit) and enter that caregiver's name as an Additional Contact in "My Profile" section in My Backpack. Click EDIT and scroll down to ADD as many Additional Contacts as you need. After you do that, your caregiver can have a UNIS ID made that will allow him/her access to the school to pick up and drop off.

In the interim, until the ID card is made, please have your caregiver be prepared to present a photo ID to Security at the front gate each day, along with the authorization form below.

If your caregiver is temporary, or a visiting family member will be picking up or dropping off, please follow the same procedure (adding their name to your family profile and giving them the authorization form to present at the security gate with a photo ID). However, in temporary situations, there is no need for a UNIS ID card to be issued.

In either case, in addition to your homeroom teacher, please email jsattendance@unis.org in advance to alert the school that a new or temporary caregiver has permission to pick up your child, providing their full name and all dates and times that they will arrive. If the pick up will be after 2:55 because your child is in an after school activity, please also notify afterschool@unis.org, or gevans@unis.org for athletics.