A Student's Perspective on UNIS UN

One of the great things about UNIS UN is that it brings in students from around the world. They offer a wide variety of experiences and ideas that give the conference a unique feel. This year we asked attendees to write their reflections on the event and what they learned about migration - the conference's area of focus. Below are pieces from students from , who is a 9th grade student at Shanghai Foreign Language School:

Migration is an extremely big topic indeed. The crisis migrants and refugees are confronted with has also become increasingly severe in recent years.

During the two-day conference, we listened to and communicated with many prestigious experts to obtain a better and more overall understanding of this topic. We also actively engaged ourselves in debates, sharing ideas with students from all over the world with different political, cultural, and religious background.

A bunch of new ideas have been put forward by the speakers in their inspiring speeches. For example, we were always focusing more on the US and EU's accepting refugees, but the speakers reminded us that many countries such as Turkey and Jordan are taking the most responsibilities nowadays. One speaker brought up the idea that technological development was practically inextricably correlated to the refugees' lives – an idea that I had never thought of before the conference. This is extremely beneficial for our further investigation, as the saying goes "I have an idea, and you have an idea. If we exchange with each other, we'll get two ideas or even more."

Apart from statistics and analysis we had expected, some of the speakers depicted their personal experience as a migrant as well. The vivid and real descriptions made their speeches even more convincing and powerful.

We may not find one clear-cut solution to the curretn issue. However, holding such conferences is definitely a brilliant means to raise public awareness especially among the youth generation, and the situation will be undoubtedly ameliorated step by step.

Xiao Zhang - 9th Grade

It is a great honor for all of us from SFLS, Shanghai China, to have the opportunity to participate in the 2017 UNIS-UN international student conference. It is also a precious time for us from different countries to communicate, debate and finally learn knowledge. I really enjoyed the three-day program and learned a lot more than the topic, Migration.

Not only can we chat with students from almost every part of the globe, but also we have access to six amazing speeches presented by prestigious professors, officers and migrants themselves. We have Q&A session after each speech and being able to speak in the UN General Assembly Hall is fabulous, especially when there were over 600 delegates in the hall. That's surely a wonderful experience! However we can find out a big difference between the two-day conference. Far fewer delegates on the last day raised their hands to ask or debate than those of the last day. Why? It seemed that most of us were a bit shy at first however we should never miss the chances as there were only a few. The best way to grasp them is to be active not only in conferences but also after conferences when there would be some time to talk more with the speaker and other delegates.

After lunch time, there were some time left which is also a wonderful time to socialize. During talks with other delegates from various regions, we can broaden our horizon and get more out of the textbook. Well, the secret to capture such chances first of all, is still to be active and willing to communicate with them.

I think it is not simply a positive spirit in UNIS-UN international student conference, we can also apply this to our lives, which can help us to gain more knowledge and make more friends. Great conference!

Shujian Yang - 10th Grade

Hopefully Xiao, Shujian and their classmates will be back at next year's UNIS UN.

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