TH Newsletter April 12, 2018


Dear Families,

Our Parent-Teacher Conference sign up opens tonight at 7pm for T1, T2 and T3 families. As usual, we invite both students and parents to meet with the teachers on Apr 19-20. A separate email was sent out earlier from our IT department with detailed sign up instructions. To sign up starting Thursday Apr 12 (7pm), please click here.

The month of April is rich in arts production at UNIS, and we encourage you to come to the school to enjoy as many as you can! You will be able to enjoy a series of concerts, a Japanese/English version of King Lear / Ran (Japanese version is tonight!), or a series of French plays as part of the Festival Molière on the theme of ridicule, and more. Join us and support our students!



Antoine Delaitre

Tutorial House Principal

Upcoming Dates

Apr 12

Eat. Drink. Auction. Fundraiser (6:00pm-8:00pm)

Apr 12

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Sign-Up Opens (7:00pm)

Apr 12

Play: Ran / King Lear (Japanese version) (5pm)

Apr 13

T3 Mina Sundwall to appear in Netflix "Lost In Space" '60 revival

Apr 14

IB Mathematics Weekend (review time for seniors)

Apr 16

State of the School (5:30pm)

Apr 16

Spring Concert, Chamber Ensemble (7pm)

Apr 17

Strength & Conditioning Training (Tues.& Thurs for Apr & May)

Apr 17

Festival Molière Competition, 3rd Edition (10:50am-12:50pm)

Apr 19 & 20

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Apr 19

UN Chinese Language Day Celebration (by Calligraphy Club)

Apr 21

Girls In Tech Program

Apr 21

Earth Day Celebration

Apr 24

Un Spanish Language Day Celebration (by Calligraphy Club)

Apr 24

Last Day for T4 Seniors

Apr 25

Hallways Presentation to Parents (8:30am)

Apr 26-28

Singin' In the Rain (Junior School Play)

Apr 30 - May 18

IB Exams: Good luck to our Seniors!

May 5

International Food and Fun Fair

May 11

Play: Ran / King Lear (English Version) (7:30pm)

June 1

Class of 2018 Graduation (UN, 4pm)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

On Thursday, April 19th (3:00-5:00pm) and Friday, April 20th (8:30-3:00) UNIS will hold our Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please click here to: sign up. Sign ups will open this evening Thursday, Apr 12 at 7:00pm.

College Admissions

This week'sCollege Corner has exciting new updates, particularly for T2, T3, and T4 students and families.

  • T2 Students now have the option to take a free Mock ACT exam at UNIS (May 12)
  • T3 Students and families note the Spring College Fair - April 30th
  • T3 Parent Coffee Morning notes
  • T4 Students and families, don't miss your deposit deadline, and update your counselor about your options

All details are in College Corner, along with other opportunities for UK and US universities visiting the NYC area. We've also added some interesting articles for students and parents to read.

IB Calendar

Upcoming Events:

T4 Important dates:

  • Mon April 30th - Fri May 18: IB Examinations
  • Tues May 29th: Awards and Senior Brunch (Garden)
  • Wed May 30th 6:00pm-9:00pm: Prom/Boat cruise
  • Thur May 31st 2:00pm-5:00pm: Graduation rehearsal
  • Fri June 1st: Graduation

IB Deadlines:


Item to Complete



  • Meetings with Ms. Garcelon & Ms. Vitello continue


  • Work on CAS Projects
  • College meetings continue
  • Languages A HL/SL: Individual Oral Presentations Completed
  • Theater HL/SL: Research Presentation
  • History HL/SL: Internal Assessment
  • Visual Arts: Process Portfolio Completed - External Assessment




  • Meetings with Ms. Garcelon & Ms. Vitello continue


  • English A Lit: SL individual oral presentation completed
  • All Language A HL/SL written draft due
  • All Science IA plan or lab work completed
    • (ESS - May 21st - final due)
  • EE/SP 1st Reflection (May 3rd) & research question + summer outline (May 31st)
  • CAS Physical Activity reflection form (May 9th)
  • CAS Project Reflection form(May 16th)
  • TOK Presentations completed (TK-PPD)
  • Math Studies IA completed
  • Economics HL/SL 2nd IA completed
  • Anthropology HL IA draft


  • IB Exams: April 30th to May 18th



  • Confirmation of T3 schedule


  • Biology & Environmental Systems and Societies: IA lab report completed
  • English A Literature HL/SL: Written assignment completed
  • English A Language & Literature HL/SL: Second written task completed
  • English A Language & Literature HL/SL: Individual oral commentary exams


  • June 1st: Graduation

Eat. Drink. Auction. Fundraiser

Come join us for an evening of wine, food, affordable ($50-300) art, and fundraising. Eat. Drink. Auction. Fundraise. This event is free and there will be complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres provided. 100% student-led initiative to support the Nepal Club by helping implement a sustainable meal plan at the Shreeladevi School in Bandipur, Nepal.

BID FROM HOME ON YOUR PHONE: Online Bidding now availablehere

DATE: 12th of April between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. (Bidding closes at 7:15pm but feel free to come enjoy the art, food, and drinks). LOCATION: UNIS. Artists: Perri Neri (art can be seen below and in the lobby), Anastasiya Tarasenko, Elisabeth Condon, Brandon Solof, Arthur Brouthers (art can be seen below), Paul Corio, Joyce Weinstein, Emily Noelle Lambert, Danielle Ezzo, Jihane Mossalim, Holly Coulis. You must RSVP on our EventbriteInvitation here to claim your free ticket. (This is for security purposes and all guests will be checked in by name when they arrive at the venue).If you would like more information about the cause, please visit our websites:Schools of Nepal Website. If you have further questions about the event or cause, please email All artworks will be paid for via direct donation to thefundraising page.

3rd Annual International Arts Festival

Calendar of the Month


Junior School Art Exhibit

April 16-27, 2018 in the lobby


French Drama Program: Molière Festival

T2, T2, T4 Theatre: Master Class in Acting for the Camera with UNIS graduate and professional actor, Danny Deferrari

TH Japanese Play and Theatre Workshop Bilingual production of KING LEAR/RAN

M4 Students will have an open rehearsal of their showcase songs from The Great Showman in the 2nd floor theatre

T2 Theatre: Open Rehearsal of

The Laramie Project

T1 Theatre: Performance of their

Devised Theatre project

JS Musical, Singin' In The Rain

April 17, 2018 / 10:50am-12:50pm

April 12, 2018 / 8:30am

April 9 & 12, 2018

April 19, 2018 / 10:00am

April 24, 2018 / 9:30am

April 25, 2018 / 9:30am

April 26-28, 2018


M4 Band

Chamber Ensemble and Strings Spring Concert

M3 Band

TH and M4 Mixer Concert (Together at Last!)

Date: TBD / in the garden

April 16, 2018 / 6pm / in the theater

April 24, 2018 / in the Garden

April 24, 2018 / 6pm

42nd Annual Japanese Play Night

On Thursday, April 12, 2018 in the Sylvia Furman Theater, Tut House Japanese and M4 Mother Tongues will present "Ran= King Lear" by Akira Kurosawa and William Shakespeare. Hope you can join us in supporting our student.

Lost In Space

Dear UNIS Community, Parents (or Grandparents): Do you remember the TV series from the 60's Lost in Space? Well, Netflix has revived the show and will be airing this week. One of our very own T3 UNIS student has a role in it and we would like to Congratulate Mina Sundwall for all her efforts and talents to make the show a success! Please see details below for tuning in: Good Luck Mina!

What: Lost in Space

Where: Netflix (worldwide)

When:Friday, April 13th

(Provided by Netflix): "After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fights against all odds to survive and escape. But they're surrounded by hidden dangers."

Spring Concert

On Monday, April 16th, at 7pm the Senior Chorus & Chamber Ensemble will be performing excerpts from "West Side Story", under the direction of Daniel Stroup and Karen Lerner and Tut House Camerata, under the direction of Liam Veuve and Cady Finlayson in the Sylvia Howard Fuhrman Theater. Hope to see you there!


Festival Molière, 3rd Edition

The French International Section is proud to present the third edition of the Molière competition. On Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 in the UNIS theater, from 10:50 to 12:50. T1 (Mesdames Jérémie et Lauzy) and T2 (Madame Deschutter) will present scenes from the Bourgeois Gentilhomme and the Précieuses ridicules, "reinvented" by the students. This year's theme: "RIDICULOUS!!!!!!". There will be a panel of judges (students and teachers) and prizes at the end.

Strength and Conditioning Training at UNIS

Starts next week Tuesday, 17th April @ 7:30 am

UNIS Athletics has again partnered with SuperMe to provide free strength and conditioning sessions during April and May. The sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:30 am in the level three 3 fitness room. Clickherefor more information and to register.

"UNIS student=athletes who have taken part in the SuperMe Performance strength and conditioning programs continue to see tremendous results. Parents and athletes alike have noticed the improved athleticism and explosiveness as a result of participation in strength training. While SuperMe Performance takes pride in training young athletes to the highest of their abilities, we know that our most impactful contribution is the intrinsic motivation and knowledge that we equip each athlete with. We make sure that our athletes go beyond exercise – we teach each child how to prevent injury, how to sustain a training program for years to come, and most importantly, how to value the polished, super version of themselves beyond the surface."

UN Chinese Language Day: by Calligraphy Club

To add diversity to UNIS and convey blessings through arts, Calligraphy Club Members (Junior United Nations of Calligraphy: JUNOC) are holding the UN Chinese Language Day celebration on Thursday, April 19, between 7:30 to 8:20 a.m. right in the lobby in front of the cafeteria. There will be Chinese snacks, candies, music, and calligraphy so that the participants can have multiple "tastes" of the Chinese culture.

Hosts Needed! T2 Spain Exchange Program

Dear Tut2 Students, you may be interested in hosting a student from Spain related with UNISEK 2018 Exchange Program. The group from Spain will stay 10 days in NY, from Friday April 20th to Sunday 29th. This year the exchange group from Spain are bigger (10 students) than the UNIS group (6 students), that's why we are looking for host families. You will not only benefit from the opportunity of practicing Spanish but also from the activities that we will have in New York. You will receive 20 hours of community service too. Let us know if you would consider hosting sign up here. Thank you! UNISEK 2018 Leader Rolando Villajos MLD

3rd Annual UNIS Girls in Tech - Hacked

Are you interested in learning how to code? Do you like computer design and entrepreneurship, or technology in general? Do you want to win a prize? Come to the Hackathon at UNIS on April 21st: hosted by Girls In Tech, open to everyone!!

Sign Up Here by April 12th. In order to attend, you must bring in a signed permission form and waiver to the Office of Student Activities (room 411) before April 13th. We will send out the form individually to anyone who has signed up via the Google form.

Technology isn't just programming, it's everything in our world today. Technology is the future, and it's time for everyone to be apart of it. Hope to see you there!


We would like to invite your families and you to join the Muslim Volunteers for New York (MV4NY) at our Environmental Stewardship Day at Ruppert Park (at the corner of 90th St. & 2nd Ave.) to commemorate "Earth Day" on Saturday, April 21. Please join us in beautifying this neighborhood park on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Your participation will truly make a difference in transforming this green space. Attached below is an invitation for the event. Additionally, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share the details of this event with our broader UNIS community. This is a free family event, however registration is required. The registration link is provided below. Students and their families are also encouraged to visit MV4NY's Face Book event page for more details at Students will receive community service letters upon request. Thank you in advance for your support! We look forward to welcoming all of you at this special event.

Best regards,

Mubeen (M4 and T1 Parent) and

Saima (M1 and J3 Parent)

with Hina, Homera, Sahar and Sanober

Founding Members,

Muslim Volunteers for New York, Inc.

Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit

UN Spanish Language Day: by Calligraphy Club

To add diversity to UNIS and convey blessings through arts, Calligraphy Club Members (Junior United Nations of Calligraphy: JUNOC) are holding the UN Spanish Language Day celebration on Tuesday April 24, between 7:30 to 8:20 a.m. right in the lobby in front of the cafeteria. There will be Spanish snacks, candies, music, and calligraphy so that the participants can have multiple "tastes" of the Spanish culture.

Report Cards for Seniors

Last day for Seniors will be Tuesday Apr 24, 2018. Please note that because Spring Interim Report Cards are set to be published on 4/13, just a few days before the last day of school for Seniors, T4 will not be receiving Spring Interim Report Cards (they will only be receiving a semester one at the end of the term). For students for whom there might be a significant issue, teachers have been encouraged to reach out directly to families/students by email.

Hallways Presentation to Parents

We are very excited for Hallways to come to UNIS on Wednesday, April 25th at 8:30am in the cafeteria, to speak to parents on the topic of Supporting your Teen: Addressing Risky Behaviors and Creating Resiliency.

JS Musical: Singin' in the Rain!

If you would like to include a congratulatory message to the cast and crew, or to advertise a business or club, see this document for all the details on how to get your message out to the nearly 1,200 people that will pack the theater on April 26-28, 2018.

UNIS International Food and Fun Fair

International Food Fair and Fun Day Saturday, May 5 Tut House Volunteers Needed.

UNIS Parents Association and Office of Student Activities are looking for volunteers to serve at the International Food Fair and Fun Day on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Help make this annual event a success while fulfilling volunteer credit hours.

There are multiple options for you to help with. If you prefer to sign up for more than one option, please be mindful of the time slots you are expected to volunteer. Make your selection in a way that there is no time-clash. A meeting will be scheduled before May 5th for TH student volunteers to go over details and instructions for the event.

To sign-up, click on the link: Food and Fun Fair 2018 Student Sign-Up:

Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony (June 1st)

Graduation for the class of 2018 will take place at the General Assembly of the United Nations on June 1st (4pm), followed by a reception in the Delegates Dining Room (6pm). We are delighted to share that H.E. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has graciously accepted the invitation of the Class of 2018 to deliver this year's Commencement speech at the UN. Details about the graduation have been sent out to seniors and their families in a separate email last week. Kindly note that the United Nations retains the right to request a venue change: in the unlikely event where this would happen, we would find a suitable alternate venue on the same day (June 1st) and inform students and families as soon as possible.

After receiving input from the Student Senior Committee, the Tut House Student and Parent Handbook was updated to clarify the process of selection of a student speaker for graduation, in addition to the Student Body President and the U-Thant Scholar. The new process, which ensures that seniors are able to nominate a student to deliver a graduation address for the class, will be implemented this year for the first time.


We are delighted to welcome the Hallways team to Tut House to present Supporting your Teen: Addressing Risky Behaviors and Creating Resiliency. April 25th 8:30am in the UNIS cafeteria *please join us for this important topic. As the 2018 school year rapidly flies by, many T4 parents are beginning to experience strong emotions about their children leaving the nest for an exciting global university experience. Parents of T2s and T3s are likely appropriately concerned about this college transition as well. We are well practiced in the prep work that goes into academic transitioning but would be remiss if we did not explore and prepare for the emotional transition related to leaving our familiar communities and families. Below is a great resource that supports parents in Preparing for College Emotionally.

T2 Students: 5th Annual Exchange Program to Spain

From March 16-26, 2018 the T2 students began their Exchange Program (UNISEK) to Spain. This is our 5th year that the UNISEK Program has been running. UNISEK is an exchange program where the Tut2 students have the opportunity to go to Spain, they stay with host families and enjoy the culture and language for 10 days during our Spring break. Our students will host the Spanish students involved in this exchange program during the last week of April. UNIS Spanish teachers Señor Sergio López and Señor Rolando Villajos guided the students through different activities in order to connect with the Spanish culture. Besides the main objective (immersion of language) our students developed a strong bond with the Spanish students, for instance, they enjoyed eating churros with chocolate, visiting the highlight of Madrid, Almería, Granada and La Alhambra. Also we visited the Guitar Museum in Almería, the main daily market and the source of the main economy in the region and the greenhouses. UNIS students had time to do community service (restoring a public area) too. Finally they practiced Kayaking in a beautiful National Park, Cabo de Gata.

Author Kim Thuy Visited UNIS Library

On Friday, April 6, 2018, Kim Thuy spoke to 40 high school francophone students in the library on the invitation of the UNIS Section Française Internationale. She shared her experience as a Vietnamese refugee in Canada, a language learner, and a writer. Students were riveted for an entire period. Her books are available in the library, in French and in English.

Weekly Principal's Open Meeting

The weekly Principal's: Open Parent Meeting is this Friday, April 13th from 8:30 am-9:30 am.

Absences or Lateness

A parent or guardian must call students in late or absent if a student is not going to be present in any classes. Students are not allowed to notify the office themselves. It is a safety issue.To notify the school of a student'slateness or absence: email or call Michele Lessa (212-584-3048)