TeenTech NY 2017 Confere

TeenTech NY 2017 Conference

TeenTech NY is an interactive tech community for teens to innovate, collaborate, and create. We connect students ages 14-20 with industry professionals to expose them to all the possibilities in tech. By educating young minds about technology in today's world, we are discarding misconceptions and tropes such as: having to be a computer and math genius to have a career in tech. Run by and for teens, we are excited to announce our fourth annual TeenTech NY Conference: Shaping the Future with partners such as JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Skriware, Google, SCAD, Citibank and more. We are anticipating 200 extremely talented and passionate high school students from the New York City metro area on Sunday, November 19th at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other like minded students, learn about the limitless possibilities in tech, and network with industry professionals. Get tickets here.