TH Newsletter May 17, 2018


Dear Families,

As the IB Examinations are about to conclude tomorrow for the T4, the final exams for T1, T2 and T3 will being on June 5. We encourage students to reach out to their teachers in case they have any doubt as what they need to review for their exam. Click here to view the June Exam Schedule.

Next Wednesday, May 23 (5:30pm-6:30pm, Cafeteria), we are inviting TH Parents to join our monthly Parent Coffee: we will go over some of the highlights of this school year!

Finally, we invite everyone to reflect on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, which is celebrated worldwide today, May 17. The message of inclusion associated with this celebration of diversity resonates strongly with the values and mission of UNIS.



Antoine Delaitre

Tutorial House Principal

Upcoming Dates

Apr 30 - May 18

IB Exams: Good luck to our Seniors!

May 17

UNIS Jazz Night (Theater @ 6:30 pm)

May 23

Parent Coffee: Year's Highlights + Social (5:30pm, Cafeteria)

May 29

Awards Ceremony for TH students (9:15am-10:15am, Cafeteria)

June 1

Class of 2018 Graduation (UN, 4 pm)

(all TH classes are dismissed at 11:50am on June 1st)

June 4

TH Study Day (No Classes)

June 5-12

T1-T3 June 2018 Exams

IB Calendar

Upcoming Events:

T4 Important dates:

  • Mon April 30th - Fri May 18: IB Examinations
  • Tues May 29th: Awards and Senior Brunch (Garden)
  • Wed May 30th 6:00pm-9:00pm: Prom/Boat cruise
  • Thur May 31st 2:00pm-5:00pm: Graduation rehearsal
  • Fri June 1st: Graduation

IB Deadlines:


Item to Complete



  • Meetings with Ms. Garcelon & Ms. Vitello continue


  • English A Lit: SL individual oral presentation completed
  • All Language A HL/SL written draft due
  • All Science IA plan or lab work completed
    • (ESS - May 21st - final due)
  • EE/SP 1st Reflection (May 3rd) & research question + summer outline (May 31st)
  • CAS Physical Activity reflection form (May 9th)
  • CAS Project Reflection form(May 16th)
  • TOK Presentations completed (TK-PPD)
  • Math Studies IA completed
  • Economics HL/SL 2nd IA completed
  • Anthropology HL IA draft




  • Confirmation of T3 schedule


  • Biology & Environmental Systems and Societies: IA lab report completed
  • English A Literature HL/SL: Written assignment completed
  • English A Language & Literature HL/SL: Second written task completed
  • English A Language & Literature HL/SL: Individual oral commentary exams


  • June 1st: Graduation

College Admissions

May showers mean that the college counselors continue to meet with Tut 3 students and families, while kicking off session two of the College Essay Writing Workshops. Check out this week's edition of College Corner:

  • Links to the SlideShow for this week's Parent Coffee with important links to the Parent Recommendation Letter and Parent Page
  • SlideShow from College Writing Workshop #1
  • New article from the NY Times on college essays
  • Information on upcoming NYC information sessions with representatives from the CUNY Macaulay Honors College, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, Cornell, Rice, Columbia, Brown, and UChicago

E-Cigarettes and Vapes

We are approaching a trend that has been increasing across the nation and locally: adolescent and teenage use of Vapes, E-Cigarettes and "Juuls". As mentioned in the Wellness section and in parent coffees, there are effective ways in which parents can and have begun to use proactive tools to discourage their child from use.

Why is it so addictive? Juuls / e-cigs often contain addictive compounds (lead, benzene). They have a delivery system (the juul) that makes smoking any substance more addictive than smoking via traditional delivery (i.e. cigarette, marijuana joint). 1 Juul pod=1 pack of cigarettes and can contain nicotine or THC oil. Nicotine use has been shown to impact on adolescent physiology and development: Facts on Vaping/E-Cigs/Juuls

UNIS has recently (over the course of this year) been in communication with other school communities and agencies to look at what practices schools should consider with students who are using on/off campus and selling substances on campus to their peers. The range of responses depending on the substance tend to be: counseling referral/ substance abuse treatment to suspension to expulsion. The most proactive school communities and districts continue to struggle with what works best for their communities, given this highly popular, accessible, and addictive trend of substance use in this manner of delivery.

Below are some areas UNIS is currently putting into practice:

  • TH Health Classes
  • Faculty meeting: Education on this topic and how to identify Juuls
  • Assemblies with students on the topic
  • Parent Coffees
  • Student Handbook (17-18).

Administration relies on its teachers and community to share information that is relevant and out of concern regarding a student's health and well-being. Information is vetted for accuracy and followed up.

Best practice: Curriculum coverage (under review) + Health /Counseling referrals + Appropriate school sanction (typically suspension; may include a restorative practice) + Parent support = most successful outcomes!

Although numerous school communities have decided to take a differing approach, UNIS is a community in we strive to take a holistic approach to health and substance use concerns. We recognize that adolescent development plays in this.

We must take into account:

  • Adolescent brain development and physiology
  • Health/personal/socially confidential information that may be shared
  • Student's current standing within the school community
  • The impact a disciplinary measure can have on a student's future plans
  • The line between experimentation and addiction
  • Other students impacted or potentially impacted within the community (PK-12)

It is important to consider this equation and to avoid extreme measures/responses, where possible. We have, as in other school communities, found that on-going use of most substances is a symptom of some things further that may need to be addressed outside of the disciplinary realm. It is in this spirit that Administration (in mostly all cases) refers students for additional supports in addition to an appropriate sanction.

Office of Student Activities

To learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, conferences, workshops, scholarships and summer programs for students, please visit Student Activities Corner! If interested in participating, please follow the instructions.

UNIS Jazz Night

Thursday, May 17, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Sylvia Howard Fuhrman Theater

Featuring: Middle School, Tut House, and Faculty Jazz Bands!

Italian External Examination (CELI)

The Modern Languages Department at UNIS is planning to administer theCELI external examination (Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana) from the University of Perugia to Tut 2 students on May 29th, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm as a way to benchmark their performance, reinforce students' motivation and encourage them during a critical moment of the language-learning process. The CELI is an official diploma that certifies the degree of competence and mastery in the Italian language, granted by the Universitâ per Stranieri di Perugia with international recognition for life. The exam follows the Common European Framework standards, which UNIS Modern Languages Curriculum is based on, and it is sent off-site to be evaluated by CELI certified examiners.The levels for the test range from A2 to B2 according to theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the following are the students who will be taking the test: Lisa Coullaré, Sasha Detiger, Donatella Guerin, Morgan Nelson Kalberer, Julia Oliensis, Bridget Quinn, Felix Scaggiante, and Pietro Valenza

Yearbooks & "Lookbooks" Are Here! (Class of 2018)

Please click here LOOKBOOK Class of 2018 to go to and view the "Lookbook" for the Class of 2018. Stand by for more information regarding ordering a hard copy.

Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony (June 1st)

Graduation for the class of 2018 will take place at the General Assembly of the United Nations on June 1st (4pm), followed by a reception in the Delegates Dining Room (6pm). We are delighted to share that H.E. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has graciously accepted the invitation of the Class of 2018 to deliver this year's Commencement speech at the UN in the General Assembly..

David Ives Speaks with T1 Theater Students

On May 16th, T1 Theatre students had the remarkable opportunity to watch David Ives newest play Metromaniacs and then participate in a personal talk back with Mr. Ives and the cast of show. The conversation was inspiring and very informative. This remarkable event celebrates a long tradition of UNIS students performing David Ives one-act plays while studying drama in grades T1 and T2. The current T1 Theatre students will present Mr. Ives short plays, Soap Opera and Time Flies for their final assessment on June 7th.

IB Theater: Meet with Producer & Performance Artist

On Friday, May 4th, members of the T3 IB Theatre Arts class attended a live performance of Taylor Mac's "A 24-Decade History of Popular Music". The trip was complemented on May 10th by an in-class guest appearance by Mr. Mac's producer, Alisa Regas. Ms. Regas is the Managing Director of Creative at Pomegranate Arts, a New York City company that represents such iconic artists as Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Bassem Youssef, and Leonard Cohen. Ms. Regas discussed her passion for representing groundbreaking global artists, and she helped guide some of the students in their IB research of Mr. Mac and of the celebrated opera, Einstein on the Beach.

An Evening of World Literature

Last Wednesday evening, Michael Orthofer, UNIS alumni (Class of '82) and author of The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction Discussed with Ida Kummer and Kazuo Tsuda issues related to world literature and translation in front of UNIS parents, faculty and alumni. The discussion was thought provoking and can be seen clicking here: Panel Discussion


Over the next three weeks The Tut House Student Support and Success Team (SST) have liaised with T2 advisory to provide three in class lessons regarding building a skill set to support student resiliency. The counselors were able to provide a direct lesson this week regarding an introduction to mindfulness training and its benefits on academic success, health, and interpersonal relationships. At the bottom of this email you will find the lesson attached if you would like to support your children or selves in these skills. Some apps which are kid tested and counselor approved are at the end of the presentation! See T2 Mindfulness slides.

Weekly Principal's Open Meeting

The weekly Principal's: Open Parent Meeting will take place this Friday, May 18th from 8:30 am-9:30 am.

Absences or Lateness

A parent or guardian must call students in late or absent if a student is not going to be present in any classes. Students are not allowed to notify the office themselves. It is a safety issue.To notify the school of a student'slateness or absence: email or call Michele Lessa (212-584-3048)

Since the re-implementation of systematic alerts, messaging to parents and students, and appropriate interventions regarding attendance patterns, attendance issues have begun to improve. We anticipate it will be a positive trend (in the right direction), moving forward.

A reminder that students must carry their student issued IDs, especially upon entering and leaving the campus.