TH Newsletter May 7, 2018


Dear Families,

Good luck to our T4 students, who have just started with their IB examinations this week! This is the culmination of their high school education, and the last step before they graduate at the United Nations on June 1st. We are all very proud of everything they have accomplished: bravo!!



Antoine Delaitre

Tutorial House Principal

Upcoming Dates

Apr 30 - May 18

IB Exams: Good luck to our Seniors!

May 5

International Food and Fun Fair

May 11

Play: Ran / King Lear (English Version) (Theater @ 7:30pm)

May 16

Library Event: Author, Michael Orthofer, Alumni '82 (6:00-7:30 pm)

May 17

UNIS Jazz Night (Theater @ 6:30 pm)

June 1

Class of 2018 Graduation (UN, 4 pm)

"Peace Star" Graduation Ring (Class of 2018)

Specially designed for the UNIS 2018 graduating class. Sterling silver, unisex, signet ring comes in 2 versions, Intaglio and Relief, is pre-engraved on the inside with UNIS 2018 and can be engraved with the student's name (up to 10 characters). Price:$160, with 20% of sales going to Everytown for Gun Safety. Orders take 10 business days. Please visit Patricia Detiger Jewelry.

(Students can stop by the Student Activities Office to check their size).

IB Calendar

Upcoming Events:

T4 Important dates:

  • Mon April 30th - Fri May 18: IB Examinations
  • Tues May 29th: Awards and Senior Brunch (Garden)
  • Wed May 30th 6:00pm-9:00pm: Prom/Boat cruise
  • Thur May 31st 2:00pm-5:00pm: Graduation rehearsal
  • Fri June 1st: Graduation

IB Deadlines:


Item to Complete



  • Meetings with Ms. Garcelon & Ms. Vitello continue


  • English A Lit: SL individual oral presentation completed
  • All Language A HL/SL written draft due
  • All Science IA plan or lab work completed
    • (ESS - May 21st - final due)
  • EE/SP 1st Reflection (May 3rd) & research question + summer outline (May 31st)
  • CAS Physical Activity reflection form (May 9th)
  • CAS Project Reflection form(May 16th)
  • TOK Presentations completed (TK-PPD)
  • Math Studies IA completed
  • Economics HL/SL 2nd IA completed
  • Anthropology HL IA draft




  • Confirmation of T3 schedule


  • Biology & Environmental Systems and Societies: IA lab report completed
  • English A Literature HL/SL: Written assignment completed
  • English A Language & Literature HL/SL: Second written task completed
  • English A Language & Literature HL/SL: Individual oral commentary exams


  • June 1st: Graduation

College Admissions

Happy May! May 1st was the deadline for students to accept offers of admission to U.S. universities, so the College Office has been working with students to finalize their choices for the fall. Take a look at this week's edition of College Corner for the following and more:

  • The last call for Tut 2 students to register for the Mock ACT being held at UNIS on May 12th
  • A recap of Monday's annual College Fair
  • Important reminders for Tut 3 students about teacher recommendations,SAT/ACT deadlines, and Essay Writing Workshops

Office of Student Activities

To learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, conferences, workshops, scholarships, and summer programs for students, please visit Student Activities Corner! If interested in participating, please follow the instructions.

UNIS International Food and Fun Fair

International Food Fair and Fun Day Saturday, May 5 Tut House Volunteers Needed.

UNIS Parents Association and Office of Student Activities are looking for volunteers to serve at the International Food Fair and Fun Day on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Help make this annual event a success while fulfilling volunteer credit hours.

There are multiple options for you to help with. If you prefer to sign up for more than one option, please be mindful of the time slots you are expected to volunteer. Make your selection in a way that there is no time-clash. A meeting will be scheduled for May 5th for TH student volunteers to go over details and instructions for the event.

To sign-up, click on the link: Food and Fun Fair 2018 Student Sign-Up:

Library Event: Author Visit and Panel Discussion

What defines the best in World Literature?

Please come to enjoy the discussion on Wednesday, May 16, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm,

As part of the 70th-anniversary celebration, the library will host Michael Orthofer, UNIS alumni (Class of '82) and author of The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction. He will present his thoughts on what we consider to be the best in world literature during a panel discussion with Ida Kummer (French), Monica Torres Álvarez (Spanish), and Kazuo Tsuda (Japanese). See who's attending.

Light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP here.

UNIS Jazz Night

Thursday, May 17, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Sylvia Howard Fuhrman Theater

Featuring: Middle School, Tut House, and Faculty Jazz Bands!


Machiavelli and his "De Principatibus"

On April 25th T1, T2 and T3 Italian Mother Tongue students had a great opportunity to be part of an inspiring lecture on Machiavelli and his "De Principatibus" given by Professor Devid Paolini. Machiavelli is one of the finest writers of the Renaissance, creator of the modern concept of Political Science. Professor Paolini, from the City College of New York, engaged with his expertise on Machiavelli, students, and teachers. A big "thank you" to our Director of the MLD, Mr. Paco Barba Morán for his support and help.

The Italian Teachers Filomena Veltri and Daniela Pezzuti

UNIS Model UN & Dalton School Model UN Conference

The UNIS Model UN Club spent a fruitful Sunday afternoon wrapping up our final conference of the year at the Dalton School in New York City. Our delegation of 21 exhibited excellent research, diplomatic and speaking skills on a wide variety of topics, and delegates continuously pushed themselves to contribute meaningfully to the debate. Congratulations to Alec Bresler, Amane Miura, and Sara DeMeyer for winning Verbal Commendations, and Won-Jae Chang for winning an Honourable Mention.

The UNIS Model UN Executive Committee is proud of all our delegates who attended conferences this year on behalf of UNIS. We hope they all learned and honed useful skills over the year, gained substantial experience, and made lasting memories with the club. A huge thank you to Mr. Baha and Ms. Polatbora for helping us attend all of these conferences, and Mr. Staccone and Ms. Watt for supporting us throughout the year. We are very grateful for all that you do.

T1s at UN Video Conference "Remember Slavery"

A delegation of T1 History students was invited to the UN's General Assembly to participate in the 10th Annual Student Video Conference on Friday, April 27th. This year's theme was Remember Slavery: Triumphs and Struggles for Freedom and Equality and was part of the UN's International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024). Our students were joined by other students from the NY metro area as well as students who teleconferenced in from Mexico and Tanzania.

One of the conference highlights was a stellar PowerPoint Slides Presentation delivered by T1 Mia Schaefer, which she prepared with classmates Léa Vaydie, Amane Miura, Sarv Gersten, Josephina Mbappe, Eliana Asiedu, Abdullah Tesheen, and Saskia Yland Noaghiul. After the conference, students enjoyed exploring the newly installed sculpture The Ark of Return, dedicated to the legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Following that, some students were interviewed by DPI. Below are links to those interviews and articles. Many thanks to Zak Baha and Rodolphe Casado for organizing the field trip. View conference here.

Interview in French: On soundcloud and the Article.

Brief statements from T1 students:
Amane Miura (T1)

Eliana Asiedu (T1)

Josephina Mbappe (T1)

Lia Vaydie (T1)

Mia Schaefer (T1)

Sarv Gersten (T1)

Pierre Cannet Talks About Earth Hour

During their French class, our T1/T2 students attended a presentation by Pierre Cannet who has been Head of the Energy and Climate programme at WWF France since 2014. He spoke to the students about climate change, sustainability, and renewable energies. He also showed some of the work of his organization with the United Nations and other countries/states around the world. He answered some questions from the students on the topic.

Teaching with Technology NYSAIS Workshop

This year has been the 5th year in a row that Rolando Villajos and Luz Garcelon represent UNIS in the Teaching with Technology NYSAIS Workshop. Last Friday, April 27th they presented the last updated version of the Virtual Notebook where other teachers from different schools could enjoy and learn from a hands-on Workshop. The idea is simple, but at the same time very powerful. The Virtual Notebook puts together in one document the three spheres that students and teachers need: communication, storage for projects and daily work.

Spanish Exchange Program (UNISEK)

Last Sunday, April 29, UNIS students participating in the exchange program UNISEK 2018 said bye to Students from SEK Alboran School, Spain. During these 20 days (10 days in Spain and 10 days in NY) UNIS and SEK have shared their lives, experiences and laughs speaking in English and Spanish. This program not only contribute to improving language skills but also it makes students rethink who they are when connecting with another culture. This has been the 5th consecutive year that UNIS students have enjoyed the UNISEK program. Here you will find pictures from last 5 years. Hasta la vista.

Girls In Tech's Hackathon

Girls in Tech held its third Hackathon this Saturday, April 21st. Students from UNIS and outside came together to celebrate technology and raise awareness about the gender gap in STEM fields. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we expect to have our forth Hackatho