Teacher Honored for a Commitment to Students from Manhattan to Rishikesh
Teacher Honored for a Commitment to Students from Manhattan to Rishikesh

In recognition of her commitment to provide free education for students in Rishikesh, India, Truike Boekholt-Daly won the Excellence in Education Award from the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN).

The award was presented on Friday, January 27, 2017, as part of CTAUN's Conference at UN Headquarters in New York City. Originally, Truike was supposed to receive the award in 2016 but due to personal circumstances she was not able to attend the conference and received this year.

Truike is a Music Specialist at our Manhattan campus and when not in the classroom she volunteers with Children of the Ganges. This organization provides free education from kindergarten to senior secondary level for children regardless of religion, caste, gender or social status in Rishikesh. Truike's group is driven by a desire to use education to promote the qualities of kindness and compassion, ethical behavior, and a sense of universal responsibility.

Through her work with Children of the Ganges, Truike wants to inspire children in Rishikesh with the qualities of leadership and the motivation to bring peace, happiness and well-being to their communities and environment.

In addition, reflecting on how volunteering has impacted her work at UNIS, Truike said, "actively doing global service as an educator one will truly be inspired to make a better world in our classroom teachings."

This project has also created a great opportunity for others in the community to follow Truike's example and engage in acts of service. Over the years students, co-workers and parents at UNIS have helped with donations, fundraising activities and town hall meetings in support of the organization's efforts.

CTAUN provides educators worldwide with opportunities to learn about the work of the United Nations and to incorporate this global awareness into curricula and school activities at all levels.

For more information about Children of the Ganges or to get involved in the organization please visit http://www.childrenoftheganges.com