Tut House Deliver Triumphant Performance of Urinetown
Tut House Deliver Triumphant Performance of Urinetown

Not even a snow storm could stop this year's Tutorial House musical. After months of hard work and preparation, the dedicated actors raised the curtain on this year's production of Urinetown. To the delight of family, fellow students, staff, and alumni the cast put on three performances of the quirky, satirical show. The performances ran on February 10, 11, and 13.

The ensemble cast featured students in the following roles:

  • Officer Lockstock ---- Marlon Polycarpe
  • Penelope Pennywise ---- Philomena Wills
  • Bobby Strong ---- Ed Horan
  • Little Sally --- Milena Vasic
  • Dr. Bileaux --- Oriana Ullman
  • Mr. McQueen --- Adrian Mandeville
  • Senator Fipp --- Juan Lozano
  • Officer Barrel --- Alexandra Czaran
  • Hope Cladwell --- Sarah Blau
  • Cladwell's Secretary ---- Sade Williams
  • Old Man Strong --- Krithika Ravishankar
  • Tiny Tom --- Sam Blau
  • Soupy Sue --- Oriana Ullman
  • Little Becky Two Shoes --- Laura Dutilloy
  • Robby The Stockfish --- Erik Lindstrom
  • Caldwell B. Cladwell --- Drew Hill
  • Cop 1 --- Hana Dizdarevic
  • Cop 2 --- Luke Lister
  • Cop 3 --- Signe Loyland
  • Cop 4 ---Kimxuan-Huynh Brezinsky
  • Cop 5 – Naomi Choodnovskiy
  • Cop 6 - - Sade Williams
  • Josephine Strong --- Bridget Quinn
  • Mrs. Millennium --- Lucie Blau
  • Hot Blades Harry --- Andrea Edgerton
  • Billy Boy Bill --- Krithika Ravishankar
  • Rebels -- Hana Dizdarevic, Theo Uy
  • UGC Executives --- Signe Loyland, Tom Mckillop

"It's was terrific to see the performers dive into the wacky, physical comedy of Urinetown and to watch them become a strong ensemble," said Kiara Downey, Team Leader: Theatre. "They danced and sang big numbers from a range of genres and styles. The students were fearless and that made the work exciting."

Urinetown is a 2001 Tony Award winner that tells the story of a city plagued by a 20-year drought, where water has become so scarce that private toilets have become unthinkable. Through the determination of destitute masses and the relentless power of the musical theatre, a hero rises to lead his fellow citizens in rebellion against the tyrannical corporation holding a monopoly over the town's most private and basic of needs. The production is an irreverent, hilarious satire with a wickedly modern wit - a "comedic romp" for the millennial age and uncomfortably topical.

For twelve members of the cast, who are graduating in June, this musical was one of their final performance opportunities at UNIS. When asked about the role these actors played in the project, Downey said, "This year's musical was actually moved from up from April to February to allow T4 students to participate. They begin focusing on IB Exams during the spring semester, so the demands of late night and weekend rehearsals would be too much for them to take on. As it was, many of our T4 students were able to juggle demanding academic commitments, complete the college application process, and take leadership positions in this production. They were essential to the success of this show. The Class of 2017 has played an integral role in helping us build our theatre program and we will miss them next year."

In addition to Urinetown, our Theatre Department will present the one-act play "Flowers for Algernon" on March 13th and 14th and the department will oversee the annual International Arts Festival from April 3rd-29th. The Theatre Department will also produce the Middle School musical, The Little Mermaid and the Junior School's first-ever musical, Dear Edwina. Those performances will take place April 26th-29th and May 11th, 12th, and 13th respectively.