Welcome New UNIS Teachers
Welcome New UNIS Teachers


This year we are honored to welcome new teachers who bring a diverse set of skills, interests, and experiences to our outstanding teaching corps. It is our pleasure to introduce you to four of the teachers joining the UNIS family.

Damien Villeneuve, Junior School Music Teacher

I can't believe I am working for the United Nations International School! Being part of the UN mission while utilizing musicality is a dream I can now fulfill. As our focus lies on inquiry based approaches, I now have the opportunity to play the audience member while my students take ownership of their musical adventures. UNIS will offer an environment with which I can collaborate with other staff members, strengthen cross curricular connections through the arts, utilize technology to enhance musical creativity, and bring a diversified voice to our music community.

Let's not forget the amazing talents that surrounds us in New York. The city is surrounded by artists, and I hope to expose the students to a variety of performers and composers. Finally, I look forward to having those conversations with my students which allows for deeper thinking. The first quote I will have posted in my classroom is from Bob Marley and says, "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain."

Judith Dominick, Middle School English and Humanities teacher

I still remember the moment Chad Fairey offered me the position at UNIS. My mind swam with all the possibilities of working in a school connected to the UN and located in New York City. Summits, museums, world leaders - all within reach! What a rich learning environment for my M3 English and Humanities students! Could learning be more engaging, authentic and diverse? With over 130 nationalities represented in the student body, I imagined the rich cross-cultural communication in our classroom discussions and collaborative work.

"Yes! I am thrilled to accept the position at UNIS."

Shauna Nugent, Art specialist

I am beyond excited to join UNIS Queens as the art teacher for the new academic year. I have a passion for all forms of art, particularly painting and textiles. Originally I am from Ireland, I studied and taught in England but was keen to work internationally. I joined the British International School of Chicago in 2010 where I set up and ran the art department. Outside of school I am a keen rider and painter of horses. I cannot wait to start my new adventure in UNIS.

Christina Wensink,Tutorial House Mathematics Team Leader

I am excited to join the Tut House Mathematics Team. UNIS is giving me the opportunity to develop as a critical educator and hone my leadership skills. Everyday I will be able to work with top-notch colleagues and implement cutting edge education research to make mathematics relevant and engaging for students. One thing I am looking forward to is working with such a dynamic and diverse group of students. I hope to create opportunities to go outside their comfort zone and push their own boundaries.