Student Voices: Model UN at Johns Hopkins
Student Voices: Model UN at Johns Hopkins

On Thursday, the 18th of February, 2016, 15 students departed from UNIS with advisers Valerie Watt and Ernest Modarelli to
take part in JHUMUNC 2016 - the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference. The conference commenced with Opening Ceremonies, where we heard speeches from Secretaries-General, Dylan Cowit, and Julia Raphael along with the wise words from former Deputy Director of the CIA, John McLaughlin. From here we attended our committee sessions, where students from UNIS represented Norway, Uzbekistan, Liechtenstein, and Bulgaria.

Delegates debated and discussed topics such as artificial intelligence in the year 2050, peacekeeper abuses, reducing the burden of unpaid care work on women and girls, the Olympic host city 2024, and the current day refugee crisis with the ultimate goal of writing a resolution that would in theory, solve all of these problems. We also got a chance to socialize outside of committee by attending the delegate ice cream social, the ever-popular delegate dance, and all 15 delegates and our advisers going to Nando's for dinner on the last night of the conference.

JHUMUNC was a positive learning experience for all of our delegates. We all had the opportunity to be active members in our committees and the following students were awarded for their achievements throughout the conference:

Siena D. (T3) - Outstanding Delegate - Liechtenstein - International Olympic Committee
Defne L. (T3) - Outstanding Delegate - Norway - Commission on the Status of Women
Larissa M. (T3) - Honorable Mention - Norway - Human Rights Council
Philomena W. (T3) - Honorable Mention - Uzbekistan - Legal Committee
Marta K. (T3) - Honorable Mention - Bulgaria - Disarmament and International Security Committee

We are very proud of the performance of our delegates and would also like to thank Ms. Watt and Mr. Modarelli for their supervision and support throughout this trip.

(Written By Kresten D. T1)