2023 Conference


"Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstone of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.'" - H.E. Secretary-General Kofi Annan

2023 UNIS-UN Conference

Please join us on 14-15 March, 2023 in the UN General Assembly Hall for Turning the Page: A New Chapter in Education

The 2023 UNIS-UN conference, Turning the Page: A New Chapter in Education, will address the education-related situation we are in today through meaningful discussions and debates that develop solutions to education's leading issues. Education is one of the fundamental human rights, and the lack of education for the 72 million children worldwide has a huge global impact on our growing population. An inadequate education can be linked to poverty, cultural relativism, war, and more; without advances in a sustainable education, these inequalities will only increase. The conference will feature captivating presenters who will speak on the future of education addressing such topics as tackling the intricacies of mental health and special education, the role of opinion in the classroom, the rights of educators, and the development of education in various countries. Furthermore, we will investigate how climate change, the migration crisis, and the Coronavirus have indefinitely impacted education and the possible approaches towards a more equitable and accessible education in the future.

Conference Subtopics

2023 Conference Speakers