UNIS-UN is a two-day student devised and led conference held annually in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  

Students leaders at UNIS form the Executive Committee, which is compromised of six commissions. The six commissions work together to plan the conference.

UNIS-UN Co-Chairs 2021-2022

Jack Hochman


Jack Hochman is a senior studying for the IB Diploma at the United Nations International School with a focus on the sciences and mathematics. A New Yorker his entire life, Jack has learned the importance of diversity and global perspectives, which was further enhanced by his hosting of a student from Barcelona for the 2018-19 UNIS-UN conference. Jack has been active in UNIS-UN since freshman year and is honored to serve as this year's Co-Chair. He loves playing football and watching his favorite team, Borussia Dortmund. Jack has two younger siblings, also at UNIS, and two wonderful German shepherd puppies, Hero and Saga.

Eva Lifsec


Eva Lifsec is a high school senior at the United Nations International School. She has attended UNIS since kindergarten and follows in the footsteps of her two older sisters who participated in UNIS-UN all through high school. Eva has lived in the East Village her whole life and adores the city. She joined UNIS-UN three years ago when she first hosted two international students from Barcelona. Since then, she has become increasingly invested in the club and is thrilled to be Co-Chair for this year’s conference. Eva is a passionate singer and writer. She hopes to study international relations in human rights law at college.


Commission Members: Matias Corona, Ansel Scholl, Teo Michael, Antoine Casado

Visiting Schools

Commission Members: Sophie Chen, Max Hochman, Jasmijn Teunissen, Niki Corona, Shaibya Neupane


Commission Members: Olivia Tyndale, Ma-Sadio Faye, Shayla Smith, Sarah Chaves


Commission Members: Mitra Minovi, Ines Matoto, Ava Michael, Max Michael, Lara Popovic


Commission Members: Hanna Yusufali, Milan Ganeshan, Kristian Suh 


Commission Members: Antonio Athias, Sonny Werther, Felipe Prates Tavares, Anna Bianco, Xudong He

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