Student Organizers

UNIS-UN is a two-day student devised and led conference held annually in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  

Students leaders at UNIS form the Executive Committee, which is compromised of six committees. The six committees work together to plan the conference.

UNIS-UN Co-Chairs 2023-2024

Justa Van Gaal


Justa van Gaal is a United Nations International School senior studying for the IB Diploma. Justa is from the Netherlands, but growing up in New York she has attended UNIS since kindergarten. Being immersed in such a diverse community, both at school and in the city, Justa understands the importance of connecting communities and what it means to think globally. Justa has been a member of UNIS-UN for the past three years at all levels of the organization and is honored to be Co-Chair for the 2024 conference. She is extremely excited to lead such an important and impactful conference. Aside from UNIS-UN, Justa is a competitive dancer and enjoys problem-solving and creative thinking. In the future, she hopes to pursue a civil engineering degree and continue learning internationally. 

Aalyia Malhotra


Aaliya Malhotra is a senior studying at the United Nations International School (UNIS) for the IB Diploma; she is from India but has lived in New York her entire life. She has attended UNIS since kindergarten. At such a culturally diverse school, she has had the privilege of being exposed to many different cultures, values, languages, and customs. Her experiences with the UNIS community have broadened her horizons, shaping her into a global citizen with a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and a greater understanding of the world's interconnectedness. Aaliya has been a member of UNIS-UN for the past three years, experiencing the organization committee, the executive committee, and now as Co-chair. As the Co-Chair for the 2024 conference, she is thrilled and grateful to be one of the leading influences for the upcoming conference. She cannot wait to inspire students globally and raise awareness about critical challenges worldwide. Aside from UNIS-UN, Aaliya is constantly immersing herself in the artistic atmosphere, she loves pushing her creative boundaries, and art is one of her favorite classes. She also is an enthusiastic traveler who loves to experience different cultures. She intends to pursue a degree in economics and architecture and is excited about what her future holds!


Committee Heads: Teo Michael and Pedro Purchese 
Committee Members: Krish Seth, Maxime Promeyrat, Latricia Aaron, Ulysse Rombaux Perez

Visiting Schools

Committee Heads: Max Hochman and Naomi Brown
Committee Members: Celine Teunissen, Amy Wouters, Peter Rosenberg, Hugo Illemassene, Suhani Bhatt, Mohammad Jafar Shikara


Committee Head: Daria Mehrnia
Committee Members: Yassine Da Costa, Ethan Li, Lucas Ochsenkuehn, Arianna Pagan, Abigail Faessen, Carolina Martins Guaragna, Lea Foulloy, Rafi White


Committee Heads: Ava Michael and Mitra Minovi
Committee Members: Xuan Lan Tran, Zachary Granne, Anabelle Sulaymanov, Lissy Vinocur, Maja Satler


Committee Heads: Yusuke Kamimura and Corinne Massey
Committee Members: Anders Christensen and Tómas Jónsson


Committee Heads: Millicent Vizinberg-Honor and Sarina Saluja
Committee Members: Rostam Gersten, Alix Rinville, Nora Levine Strand, Hahnah Hochman, Maya Athias

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